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Garda Zsuzsa - lead vocal

She has been a permanent player of the Hungarian rock scene since 1995 as a rock and blues singer.  Her trademark is her unique, clear and strong voice. She has a great experience with full-house shows as  lead and backing singer in outstanding venues such as MüPa, RAM Colosseum, the A38 boat, Sziget etc. Her current bands besides M.A.Y.A. are Janis Joplin Emlékzenekar, Garda-Benkő Blues Duo&Band and Keep Floyding (backing vocals).


Fecske Dávid - guitar

His carreer in music started in the Hungarian Pink Floyd Show, where he got to play his idol, David Gilmour's finest melodies. Later, he had joined Balkan Fanatik and toured all across the Carpathian Basin for 6 years. He enjoys playing on wedddings and corporate events just as much as at big festivals to thousands of people. Aside from his guitar and vocal contributions, David also mixed and mastered the band's first record.


Szabó Gergő - keyboards

He started to play the piano at the age of 6 and has been playing in various bands since the age of 13. He has been involved with bands and projects of the progressive rock genre, such as ElPirates (Emerson, Lake&Palmer tribute) and You And I.


Gosztola Péter - bass guitar, bass pedals

He played in various types of bands from cover, to tribute and original. He played the guitar in You and I and the bass in ELPirates, where he met many other MAYA musicians. He was a composer of the first MAYA lineup.


Nádházi Tamás - drums, percussions, sound effects

He joined the ’You and I’ band during the writing of the EXIT album in 1999. He was a founding member of the ELP tribute band ’ELPirates’. He is also a session member of the Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra.

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